Message Development

Those responsible for creating and delivering presentations benefit from an objective, second set of eyes and ears. This workshop helps you take your presentations to the next level of clarity, precision and memorability.

Improve your ability to communicate your message with clarity, conviction and confidence. You'll get expert coaching on crafting and communicating a targeted message, as well as practice and delivery. If you face an environment of change, you'll learn how to articulate your message in terms that express the new reality of where you want your team and organization to be. Videotaping and feedback are an integral part of this workshop.


Half-day Consultation, Full-Day Workshop or Seminar.


Consultation - One-On-One. Workshop - 6 participants. Seminar - Up to 50 particpants.

Critical Issues

The following issues and areas are addressed:

  • The Targeted Message
  • The Strategic Presentation
  • Seven Principles of High-Impact Communication
  • Retiring Worn Out Words and Killer Cliches